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the natural one. for a refreshing twist, add a splash of your favorite fruit juice. go to facebook for delicious drink ideas. good evening. right new at 5:00, getting paid to sleep. we'll tell you about the bay area job where that's just one of the benefits. i'm maryann favreau at stanford where doctors have developed a new way to dramatically decrease the size of your scar after your surgery. that story coming up. and then no boarding pass, no ticket. apparently, no problem. up next, how one man scammed his way on to a flight, not once, but twice. so who's exact hi at fault? and what does it say about the state of airport security. bay area 5 starts right now.
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good evening and thanks for joining us. sign, sealed and delivered. surprising news out of sacramento tonight. california actually has a budget before the drop-dead date. governor jerry brown signing the deal this afternoon. the $86 billion budget relies on economic improvement rather than tax extensions. while many are relieved the budget is done not everyone is happy with what's in it. state universities took a big hit, $1.3 billion cut. public school also have less and will have to make do with less, $3 billion in payments are delayed and 70 state parks will be closed. >> this must budget will affect almost all of us. among the changes, commuting in the bay area, beginning tomorrow it will get more expensive. toll also increase on bay area bridges for vehicles with more than two axles. that includes big-rigs and cars towing boats or trailers so if
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you're heading to the sierra, bring extra cash. public transportation fare also also rice, the san francisco municipal transportation agency is bumping up the price. a $2 hike for adult and $1 for kids, seniors and disabled. golden gate transit buses and ferries will add 5% to their fares for a full list of fare changes go to our website. this has impacted dozens of san jose police officers. 67 of them will turn in their badges tonight. as we first reported to you yesterday, they are victims of san jose's $150 million budget deficit. they'll officially be off the job as of midnight tonight. >> it's a lot harder than i thought it would be. there's no badge now. you know that sour kind of feeling, the lump, my stomach -- we all know that feeling. >> it's a tough situation to be
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in, mayor chuck reed says he wants more cops on the street not less, but he says pension costs have skyrocketed and the city simply can't afford to keep the 67 officers. >> on the peninsula, it pays to sleep on the job. the new hybrid fire department servicing san carlos and belmont has interesting perks. following a city council vote on monday, new firefighters can retire at 50 and rack up overtime while sleeping at the fire hours. san carlos is one of the few bay area cities with a budget surplus. the city stands to save about $900,000 annually when it dissolving the existing belmont san carlos fire department this coming october. as the city's assistant manager tells us, additional cutbacks and financial maneuvers are also in placed. >> we've reduced the salaries by 5% and the pension plan from what they call 3% at age 55 to 2% at age 50.
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>> beginning in october the san carlos belmont fire department will be operated by red road city. the big day before the get-away day before the long holiday weekend. right now you're looking outside and even though the picture looks gloomy it's about to get very, very sunny. let's show you the golden gate bridge. also, looking nice and sunny today. it will be a beautiful weekend to take off or just stick around the house and enjoy a little stay vacation. the one thing we have to remember this weekend, it's going to be really hot, rob? >> yeah. when you keep in mind today is probably the coolest of the next seven and i have my high-tech handy thermometer. we're getting close to 90 in downtown san jose right now and some of the temperatures we'll see statewide are going to be soaring as we get this holiday weekend started. as we show you the graphics with
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the forecast statewide, you'll see that southern california, we're seeing temperatures near palm strings. you expected to see hot but at about 113 degrees. low 80s around l.a. the valleys in los angeles see temperatures soaring into the 90s but the temperatures you might not expect is the temperatures in the central valley. temperatures are climbing close to 100 for fresno and up to bakersfield. the heat is getting under way already. as you head up the north coast, eureka, you found the cool air at low 60s. the sierra in the 80s and 90s and starting right here tomorrow, places like san jose where a ton of events are going on. obviously right now, music in the park is getting under way. we'll see temperatures here starting tomorrow soaring into the low 90s and triple digits are indeed a part of the holiday forecast. we'll talk about all the incredibly fun and festive sights here in downtown san jose. we'll have the full forecast
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coming up. back to you. >> rob, getting the 4th of july weekend started a little early. something new at stanford turn thing heads. something many of us have but no longer want. a scar. stanford doctors have developed a way to dra that kbli minimize the ameans of scars. we bring in maryian favreau to show us how they do it. >> it is specifically designed to minimize prerk on the wound while maximizing healing. every year in the u.s., 80 million people have surgery and they're left with a life-long reminder. a scar. >> now we apply it and that's it. >> at stanford university school of medicine, dr. jeffrey gertner hope this is bandage he helped develop will help make patients' scars less visible. these pictures prove it works. the new stress-relieving bandage
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on one half of the patient's scar and the other half treated with a conventional dressing and after nine months the difference is amazing. >> this is eventually a cast for an incision that prevents it from having that bad scar formation and allows it to heal perfectly. >> the scar will not get inflamed which leads to scarring. in a recent study the doctored were asked to evaluate the photos and reported a dramatic improvement of scars treated with the new bandage. patients are also reporting another big ben fit. >> anecdotally, it seems that pain is considerably less because of this splinting effect. >> the bandage also allows patients to move more freely without pulling on their scar. the fda is deciding whether to approve this dressing and if it does it may be readily available in operating rooms as early as next year. >> potentially reducing the pain of an unsightly scar for millions of patients. and another clinical trial is
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now under way. 100 patients will test the effectiveness of this new bandage. the department of defense is supporting this research and they hope it will help minimize the soldiers' scars from combat. >> that is very amazing. thank you, maryann. palo alto police say a very determined woman rammed her own car into another car tuesday night. because she was trying to avoid repossession of her car. the police say the 32-year-old an gel can williams had her 1991 toyota corolla repo sesd by two women working for a repo company. as they drove away police say williams jumped into another car and started chasing the women and then at middlefield road, williams reportedly blocked the women from turning on to 101 by crashing into her own repossessed car. all the while screaming obscenities and demanding her car back. williams was later arrested and
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booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. talk about an impressive resume. defense secretary robert gates officially retired today. he was honored for 40 years of public service spanning eight presidential administrations. he was saluted with all the pomp and circumstance the pentagon could muster. president bush reshaped the wars in iraq and afghanistan. and today, president obama not only gave his thanks, he surprised gates by giving him the nation's highest civilian award, the medal of freedom. gates' served eight presidents in a career that took him through the ranks of the cia and into the pentagon in late 2006. >> bob, today you're not only one of the longest zash serving secretaries of defense in american history, but it is also clear that you've been one of the best. >> i'm just saying here, that i will think of these young warriors, the one who is fought. the ones who keep on fighting,
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the ones who never made it back until the end of my days. >> and emotional bob gates and monterrey native leon panetta takes his place as defense secretary tomorrow and general david petraeus was confirmed to take panetta's place as cia director. changing the way you buy alcohol. new restrictions that could be coming to a grocery store near you. tsa employees under fire this week for searching an elderly woman's diaper but today more questions about what the workers do when a man flies across the country with an expired i.d. and without a ticket. a summer vacation that's anything but ordinary. what prince williams says about his overseas trip up next. and live at music in the park where temperatures are heating up here in downtown san jose. much likehe sound, soon, of some hawaiian iaan reggae musi.
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a house safe is your food. only 2 percent of the food imported by the united states gets inspect and now that number might shrink due to budget cuts. lawmakers voted the cut more than $200 million from the fda's food safety budget. the cuts come in spite of recent outbreaks of e-coli and salmonella linked to things like bad eggs, spinach and peanuts. they are worried the cuts will cause a greater risk for the food supply. the cdc says 48 million americans get sick from contaminated food every year. a controversial bill barring
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people from buying alcohol at the self-check stands is one step closer to law. the bill passed in the state assembly and now it's won approval from the senate government organization committee. while fiona moss says this will prevent minors from buying alcoholing with critics say it's a union-backed idea. >> if no one is monitoring the checkout you don't have to scan it at all. you can just put it right in the bag. >> we have no real evidence that says what the bill is claiming is actually taking place. >> may also pointed out that shoppers can't by cigarettes in those self checkout lanes and opponents say it's already in a grocer's best interest to keep minors from buying alcohol because they could lose thoroughly core license.
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prince william and kate touched down in ottawa, to tour canada, their first trip as a couple. a long line of officials greeted them at the airport. the tour takes them thousands of miles across the country. kevin i believe thes has a sneak peek from ottawa. >> the couple that everyone wants to see and get a peek and, perhaps, a snapshot of are here in ottawa. they arrived this afternoon and laid a wreath at the national war memorial here in canada, as a salute to the canadian soldiers who fought alongside british soldiers in several campaigns including afghanistan. and tomorrow they'll be on parliament hill. we're going to be joined by probably a half a million people as they all come here to celebrate canada day, which is the big national holiday in canada. no one goes to school or work attorney so they can all come out and take a picture of will and kate. >> catherine and i are so
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delighted to be here in canada. and instilled in us by our apartments and grandparents who love this country, we've been looking forward to this moment for a long time. >> reporter: it's expected to be a week-long criss-cross of the country. from the atlantic to north to western provinces and traveling some 7,000 miles as they visit with canadians to celebrate their wedding before heading off to california and they'll be doing the same down there. this is kevvin tibbles in ottaw. we'll be covering it. it's july 4th weekend but for rob he starts on june 30th. that's very nice. >> he already started partying. tonight, music in the park and it's restaurant week. you scored with this assignment. >> it's awesome. we've got natural vibration finally under way. that's some nice hawaiian reggae. hawaiian temperatures but thank goodness not the humidity. kind of toasty out here but we
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have a ton of events happening in downtown san jose and who better to talk about it than the downtown association obviously, music in the park. talk about the fantastic event that everyone at the station is jealous that i'm here. >> dine downtown is our restaurant week. our third annual. 26 participating restaurants. offering fixed-priced menus. great deals, 20, 30 and $40 menus that normally would be upwards of $40. so it runs through sunday. sj, they can make reservations through open table. everything from moroccan food and your favorite italian pasta, a wide variety of dishes. >> being it's a tough economy, this is obviously helping out a lot of local restaurants at this event. folks come and sample food and
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you're really helping out local businesses here in downtown. >> absolutely. that's the charge of the association to bring people down and get them into our member businesses and for that reason we have events basically all week long, throughout the summer. we've got movies on wednesday night. next wednesday is the big labowsky in the district. thursday night is music in the park through august 25th. we'll have pete escovito, next week is led zepplin tribute and on fridays we have the farmer's market at san pedro square so there's a lot to do. >> i'm sweating from the weather change out here now. let's show you the reason why things are heating up around the bay area. high pressure building in and as you'll see, skies have really started to clear out. underneath the ridge of high pressure like you saw today we had clouds go away and now we're seeing temperatures soaring as we head into your friday. you're going to see even less
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clouds tomorrow. on the coast, we're talking 70s. 80s around the east bay and san francisco, 70s tomorrow and very likely, right here in downtown san jose, may be getting close to 90 tomorrow. certainly getting there as we edge into the weekend. so, 8:00 temperatures, nice and comfortable. we'll see a little mist on the coast but overall nice weather for the morning. by lunchtime tomorrow, close to the highs we saw today. 80s, as early as lunchtime tomorrow so a little toasty. by 4:00, you're going to want to keep some water nearby. but sample some of the great food here in downtown san jose. mid-to-upper 80s, not too bad but temperatures will continue the upward trend like the fireworks as we head to 4th of july monday. we're looking at temperatures into the low to mid 90s around san jose. keep in mind, morgan hill, livermore, you'll be getting very close to 100 degrees as we head through the weekend so it's starting to feel a lot more like
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july around the bay area. back here live, if you want to come out tonight we have our own christina loren and as you heard, nonstop food vendors all around so let me know, raj and jennifer, what takeout it should bring after 6:00. >> nice. fax me the menu and i'll let you know. >> we'll text him our food
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>> sounds perfect. thanks rb rob. be right back. sounds hard to believe nowadays but it happened. a security breach on a california flight and it's making headlines across the country. >> this is a scenario. a man got on a plane using someone else's boarding pass. and an old student i.d. from the university of michigan. sister station in los angeles on where the passenger was arrested and more on the story. >> reporter: when he made his way on to a virgin airways flight from jfk airport a couple
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days ago and managed to fly to los angeles. he wasn't just an accidental traveler saving some money by bending the rules. national security experts like this earl summer, said he inadd very dent hi sounded a big alarm. >> with all the billions of dollars in the resources we put in the last ten years someone proved it could be done. >> he got past the tsa checkers in new york and a virgin airways ticket desk with a day-old boarding pass. one that didn't even match the name on his i.d. >> when they put the boarding pass against the scanner my understanding is that the airline acknowledged the mistake of not responding to the alarm that indicated the boarding pass was incorrect. >> the virgin airways flight crew first noticed the discrepancy but pi then he was already on the plane. a head count indicated that there were more people than had been ticketed. then he was questioned and released in l.a. after his luggage was found not to be a threat. the whole affair reading like a
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comedy of errors although with a much bigger risk left some travelers shuttering today at lax. >> it's hard to. they'll really did scrutinize our boarding passes. >> it makes me feel uneasy, if i was with that person. >> the transportation safety administration acknowledged one of its officers did not identify that he was traveling with improper travel documents. but no further comment pending the fbi's investigation. national security experts are commenting though. wondering what if he had some ulterior motive for stowing away on the plane. how did all the layers of security fail? and what would that mean to a terrorist? >> this is a lesson learned for us unfortuna ately, for thndem >> hard to imagine not just once, but he did this several
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another reason to be
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of living in the bay area comin& it's cool to be green. san francisco got top honors as the greenest city in north america. a study commissioned by siemens corporation ranked 27 major cities on their environmental policies. san francisco launched a mandatory recycling program in 2009, keeping 77% of discarded materials o'out of landfills. the city was also the first major u.s. city to ban plastic grocery bags and as a result about 100 million plastic bags each year do not end up in landfills. so san francisco, number one. here's some other cities on the list. two, vancouver followed by new york, seattle and denver. of the 27 major cities that were studied, who came in dead last? detroit, michigan. >> that's it for us this
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